Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Hi all, apologies for the delay in blogging, I just got back to London from Aberdeen. I was in the States for a few months over summer. The first stop was Orlando Florida for the Foursquare Convention, the second stop was Fort Lauderdale and Miami and the third was Boston, Massachusetts also known as Beantown. (You can find out why its nicknamed Beantown here)

I had a few appointments in Boston and had the pleasure of working with Ifeoma (talented make up artist and Medical student), she always has long weaves/hair extensions and hadn't had braids in almost 10 years and her natural hair is super long. I'm talking "Bra-strap length" without it being straightened and Ifeoma is quite tall. I used colour 1b, 2, 4 and 33 with "Expressions" hair. If you notice the ends of her hair are twisted, its a technique I learnt  whilst in Nigeria. When I do Senegalese twists I braid the ends, and when I braid hair, I twist the ends as seen in the picture below, it just looks better, especially when different colours are used. Follow Ifeoma on Instagram to see more of her work.

Remember Fona from this post, we attended a wedding along with Ugonna. Fona has tree braids (also known as fishbone) which I did a few days before the wedding, with milkyway bulk hair. For those who are not familiar with tree braids, click on each picture in the gallery here

Taking pictures outside the Church

Ugonna in one of her creations below, everyone kept asking about her dress, simple yet chic. Check out the website here, check out her tumblr here and follow her on twitter here

The only problem was there was a 5 hour interval between the end of the service at Church and the reception at the Double Tree at Hilton, so we went to Joe's on Newbury Street, which reminds me of Covent Garden in London, took a few pictures while waiting for dinner.

Waiting for our lunch at Joe's

I also met up with my friend and the lady behind the blog chictherapy, we caught up whilst doing her hair. I decided to do "Feathers" (short layered braids) and I have to say, I've never seen anyone manipulate shoulder length braids the way she did, as the days went by, the more creative the styling became, definitely one of my favourite clients from Boston.

Boston reminds me of London, considering it was founded by English settlers I can see the similarities especially in the architecture and statues around Cambridge. Apparently parts of Back Bay were modeled after Paris, and parts of the South End were modeled after London, I can definitely see myself going back again, and you definitely have to try the Boston Duck tour here

I was told not to fly to New York as its very close to Boston, so as I waited for the coach I watched the epic Game 6 of the NBA finals San Antonio Spurs versus Miami Heat.

Wow, so day one of 30 days of blogging complete. I am pleased to say we now operate from a studio in North London and take clients by appointment only, booking  for all types of hair including, bridal/occasion hair. A make up artist will be on hand during October, this service is free but  is by appointment only. Please email hairmillionaire@gmail.com,  like us on facebook and follow us on twitter

We are now on Instagram

Call for one of our mobile stylists in London  07949507271

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