Saturday, 9 February 2013

Do.It.Yourself. HAIR & MAKE UP 101

Hello all, back again blogging, and expect consistent updates. Its lovely bumping into people around London and after the formalities, the next question is "When are you updating your blog?" which I must say, makes me smile.

So a few weeks ago, I posted this picture on facebook, was pleasantly surprised at the positive feedback. I had a few people ask "Is that all yours? ", "Where did you get your hair done" and "How long does it take?"

I often do my hair myself, (I've done it since secondary school) especially when I'm in London. A few months ago I was in Lagos and the topic of doing my own hair came up. "Anh anh Aunty? You fit remove your head, put am for your laps?" The girl in the salon asked in broken English if I take off my head temporarily while I braid or twist hair extensions into my own hair. While this may or may not happen in various parts of the world, I tend to use a mirror to see the back of my head. The thing is, I'm a bit of a D.I.Y girl, and my protective styling skills improved drastically within the first few months of working in Nigeria. I've been natural for most of my life and the benefits of doing your hair yourself are endless.

You learn new skills and techniques, you become familiar with your hair type, (I'm a 4a/b) I learnt the hard way about straightening my hair without a heat protectant as I mentioned here. I mentioned in a previous post that I often translate styles seen on the runway, to suit my hair type.When you start doing you hair yourself you tend to experiment more and try new things; you do your hair when you want, the way you want. There is nothing worse than leaving a salon upset and frustrated, having spent half the day there, and most importantly, you save money.

I'm not saying I do everything myself. I make the long journey to Lewisham if I'm in London (yes she lives miles away, but its worth it until I find a replacement), or in Lekki or Ikeja (Lagos, Nigeria) to do this

Ghana Braids

I wouldn't highlight my hair myself, even though I know I can, but it is advisable to go to a stylist you trust.

Many people will say, "But its a waste of time....", but why pay someone for a service you can supply yourself, if you have the TIME to do it yourself. By rule of thumb this applies to anything; cleaning, washing your car, changing a tyre, cooking, learning how to do your make up yourself, unless it is your wedding of course. Granted, if you do not have the time, or you want to relax, the service provided must be the very best otherwise learn and Do It Yourself.

The lovely Hazel Mak does her hair herself, albeit she works in PR, and is a recording artist. There is nothing Hazel cannot do with her hair.

Love the way she alternates between braids and weaves

Experiments with different textures

Then shaves the whole lot off into this awesome buzz cut and dyes it platinum
 Fab skin might I add.

Doing things yourself can often have a psychological benefit. It proves you can actually carry out particular tasks yourself, improves your proficiency, I find I apply myself mentally and physically to tasks; most importantly its empowering and increases your self worth.

There is a fantastic Hair and Make Up 101 D.I.Y practical class for ladies, guys this is a fabulous present for the Mrs for Valentines day. Tips, tricks and techniques from creating day, night and occasion looks from Decoro Makeovers to learning quick updos and protective styles for any type of  hair, advice on problematic skin to transform your hair and beauty regimen.

Hair & Make Up 101 will take place in London on the Saturday 23rd February.

Click here for details

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Highlights since I last blogged....

1) Bukky and Lee's traditional wedding; London, England met Osun State, Nigeria (Yes I am biased)
2) Contacted to be a Hairstylist at Fashion week..... :-)
3) Nigeria to the finals for The African Cup of Nations
4) Making wigs and taking part in an awesome focus group with courageous women who have beaten cancer
5) Loving what I do even more this year

Looking forward to....

1) Hairmillionaire master classes in Atlanta and New York
2) Manchester United vs Real Madrid
3) Man U vs Real Madrid


  1. DIY hair is fun,though I make hair for people, I never tried making mine. I broke the jinx when a friend and hair dresser disappointed me and you know what? I DIY IT STRAIGHT UP and it was fab... yaah!

  2. i love it, Mops! esp the Ghana braids -- too amazing. and i'm with you on DIY hairstyling. I've had nightmares of allowing someone else do my hair and getting those little bumps on my hairline from it being too tight (i know, first world problems) LOL

  3. I am inspired!!! the only thing is I am probably the "hair-laziest" person you know, once the hair gets long enough, I get stressed out by it, and chop it all off! lol But I shall try reeeeally hard!
    I have started pinning amazing styles like this one to get inspiration from, fingers crossed. we shall see.

  4. Please what weave does Hazel have on in the third pix and how do I get a hold of it.


  5. Great hairstyles, you're very fashionable and all the hairstyles really look good for you.