Thursday, 24 July 2014

#Gariandbeans, Indiana, Texas, New Jersey and New York

Hi everyone, back again blogging and I'm currently in London, my favourite city in the world of course! I can't believe we are half way through the year already, this year has been awesome, some days were not easy, life threw a few curveballs, but thankfully grace has brought me through. Just remember when you think you have tried your hardest, you are exhausted and ready to give up, remember your passion, keep going and finish well. 

In the past 6 months I've started wearing my hair out in between protective styles similar to this style below. I brush my hair towards the centre of  my head, and use some stretchy black cotton, to wrap round my hair, to create a puff.

I am praying they will finish the construction at Newark Liberty airport in New Jersey, before I venture there again. The delays are progressively getting worse; on my way to Jersey in May,  I ended up in Washington Dulles airport and had a 10 hour layover instead of 4 hours, because one of the two runways in Newark were closed. Anyway onto the good news! My lovely cousin Kola got married in Indiana in May, it was very emotional, not a dry eye in sight. The couple read their own vows, it is so heartwarming to see two young people with  similar values unite as one. The reception was awesome, they were throwing some shapes on the dance floor. I am still puzzled as to why weddings in America, start later than the weddings held in the UK or any other country. I was so convinced that it couldn't possibly start at the time on the invitation, and although I was assisting with hair and make up, I was awake, showered and dressed for the wedding by 9am and made my way to the venue. Adaku of Third World Profashional (that is the name of her blog) she mentioned this in her blog here, I remember laughing because I have found the late starts to weddings in America to be true. I once attended a wedding in Boston, the service at Church was from midday to 1.30pm and the reception didn't start till 5pm and was slated to continue till 3am, needless to say I left at 11pm, there is only so much eating and dancing one can do. 
My cousin Kola made an awesome natural bride.
One of many awesome pre wedding photographs, her engagement ring is beautiful.

Kola had braids, yes I said it, she wore braids on her big day, swooped together in a braided updo and a bold red lip with a smoky eye! She looked so beautiful, I wish I had more pictures.

Kola has an inspirational website here and has thought provoking vlogs on youtube.

 I'm obviously the last person to know about the Indy 500. It takes place in Indiana during Memorial day weekend which falls on the last weekend in May. It was a nightmare getting from one side of town in Indianapolis (the capital city of the State of Indiana) to the other side of town. Everyone in the hotel kept asking us if we travelled from London to watch the race. They were shocked to hear we came to attend a family wedding. "You travelled all the way from the UK for a wedding??"... If only they knew this was the norm for Nigerians to travel for weddings. In case you are like me, and have never heard about the Indy 500. The Indy 500 is the equivalent of the Formula 1 races, similar cars are used to race but they are called Indy Car see here

I left Indiana a few days later and was Texas bound for a 5 day conference in Dallas. Once the conference ended, I drove an hour away to Arlington to visit family. Dallas has some amazing architecture; Dallas Museum of Art, The Dallas Centre for the Performing Arts to name a few. On the way to Grande Praire, we drove past the JFK memorial; the site where the former president of the United States was assassinated in 1963. Another interesting landmark was Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing Arts which include alumni such as soul singers Erykah Badu and Norah Jones. If you are ever in Dallas on a Sunday, and you attend Church, try and attend a service at a Church called Household of God, the music is amazing!
For those who follow on instagram you will know that #Gariandbeans is trending, desperate to create something chic, but  easy as I had flight to catch to New Jersey and last minute errands to run all in the space of 12 hours. So I turned to my favourite styles of all time, the Mohawk, and with a little tweaking produced #Gariandbeans

Okay so Gari and beans are two separate dishes eaten in Western Africa, I gave the style this name beause of the 3 dimensional effect it creates. As an artist I aim to inspire, I can't tell you how ecstatic I was to have people stop me in public to ask about my hair and the technique. I had the style for 6 weeks, and at week 5, the look of shock I would get when I told people, about how long it lasts. What I love about this style is that it is suitable for anyone and everyone, but the size and the amount of cornrows will vary, there is a trick to ensure that it correlates with the clients hair type and head shape, a good stylist will be able to determine this. For any questions please email,  call 07949507271, or to see variations of #Gariandbeans, and follow and ask questions on instagram.

Another advantage to #Gariandbeans is the longevity of the style. It lasts up to 6 weeks because of the braiding technique used, so even when it has been installed for up to a month it still appears relatively tidy. The photo below is my hair at 5 weeks, find out how I was able to create and maintain the style, how to prevent build up on instagram.

While I was in New Jersey, my best friend and I went into New York to meet up with friends. Our friend Seyi who lives in Harlem suggested we stop at Harlem Shake for a late lunch.

Guess what that is on the wall? Pictures and autographs of legendary actors, writers and musicians. Can you spot anyone you know?

Harlem Shake is on 100West, 124th Street, New York

As everyone seemed to order some sort of dish that contained pork, I chose the Jerk Fry Burger instead, it was surprisingly filling and moderate portions which meant I didn't feel uncomfortable afterwards.

A few days later, we went to Abuja International a West African restaurant in Union New Jersey. As soon as the food came we ate immediately, I couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of restaurant that does not serve appetisers? Not even peanuts? I must say the food was amazing, and I left satisfied. I ordered Pounded Yam and Efo Riro

So if you missed my last post here you will know that I was at the Bronner Brothers show in Atlanta. If you ever have the opportunity to go to America, make the most of it by visiting more than one state,each state is so different from the next. Its shocking it was 30 degrees centigrade (86 F degrees) in Texas in May and its the same temperature in London, right now in July, although I am enjoying the weather in London at the moment, but I dread to think of how hot it must be in Texas now. I am looking forward another summer of weddings in London with yours truly doing bridal hair and exhibiting at Wedding fayres, this season will be busy but exciting.
Any questions? Please ask away! Email, call (If based in the UK) 07949507271 to discuss consultations and for style inspiration follow on instagram
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