Sunday, 11 November 2012

Before and After Part 1

Hi all back again blogging. I know more ladies are going natural, but I'm still surprised at how different they look. It seems people are no longer adhering to strict rules as to how they should wear their hair in the workplace. Below are some "Before and After" pictures of ladies I never thought would consider going natural.

Adun Before with Heidi Braids
Adun didn't transition, she chopped everything off (very brave) and doesn't intend to grow her hair any time soon.
Adun After
Adun is a PhD Candidate in Tourism and Travel
Adun - Grade 2 all round
Almost a year on, its still short and she trims every three to four weeks.

Morenike Before
Morenike a pharmacist and fashion designer based in Canada. 
Roughly 18months of growth
Occasion Hair for naturals
A blowout 
A blowout is when the hair is washed and blowdried, and tonged to give soft curls. to view Morenike's designs
Mamito Before
This has got to be one of my favourites
Mamito's Short Haircut

Protective Style for Mamito's headshot
Mamito has a hectic schedule and works in the film industry 

She didn't cut her hair short, but transitioned all the way through
A puff after

Nkem's occasion Hair
Nkem is a writer
Hair extensions

Awesome buzzcut
Its amazing how much Nkem's features stand out when she has less hair, and a tighter curl pattern, I can't wait to see what else she does with her hair

Fonzy with a quiff

Buzz cut also known as "Low cut"(Nigerian Lingo)

Few months of growth
Protective Styling (Full fringe weave)
Even more growth

See Fonzy's passion at
This has to be the biggest shock, Dele's her hair is never messy and she experiments with different styles.

This is her real hair, nice cut :-)
Short curly bob

Hair Extensions - Lovely loose curls
No transitioning - Cut off everything
Dyed purple
Dele is the only person I know that has gone natural, dyed it various colours, braided it, had cornrows, Ghana braids, twists and twist outs, the list is endless....ALL in the SPACE of 12 months and still managed to have a considerable amount of growth and maintain it.
Approximately a year of growth

The fabulous Jay with a short  relaxed pixie cut
Longer graduated bob
 Jay is a vintage fashion enthusiast
Hair Extensions

All gone!
 No transitioning, Jay stopped relaxing for 2 months, then did a Big Chop
6 months of growth

If you have any questions, or pictures, please email Call for one of our mobile stylists in London  07949507271. Thank you

In other news.....

Highlights Since I last blogged

1) Chasing Policemen in Victoria Garden City (Lagos) to get my own laptop containing a vast amount of work including pictures of Hair
2) Real Madrid vs Man City, now that was an epic game
3) Tolu and Loye's wedding
4) Hairmillionaire Master Classes
5)Emails from people around the world regarding hair designs and asking for tutorials :-)
6)New Designs for Natural Occasion hair (hair for weddings, functions)

Looking forward to....

1) Giving Hair tutorials on Youtube
2) Hairmillionaire Master Classes in January

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  1. go Mops!! AWESOME POST! totally loved reading and looking at the pictures. Can't wait to hear the full story about chasing police in VI. Loll