Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Hi all, back again blogging and will be blogging consistently this time, you can find the reason why I have made a promise to blog consistently, much later in this post. I'm currently in New Jersey and to say the last month has been hectic is an understatement. Lagos, Dubai, London, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Boston, New York, New Jersey in just under a month, fun, hard work, and tiring, but I love what I do.

I met June at a fashion show in London during the Olympics, I had a stall with clothes (I like to design on the side) but she was less interested in the clothes and more interested in my hair and asked about my stylist and where I did my hair. I gave her a business card and said I did my own hair, I didn't hear from her, till months later, she had an event to attend and the rest is history. Its never a dull moment with June, she is ALWAYS pushing boundaries when it comes to her hair, and is willing to try anything and everything. Armed with an album of photos on her phone, the first time I did June's hair, it took well over an hour for her to decide which style she wanted, she took out two huge braids to reveal shoulder length natural hair, and I loved the fact that and she wasn't afraid to try new ideas, she just did not know which one to try, so when we found a style, I got to work immediately before she changed her mind.

The end result

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Highlights since I last blogged......

1. Lagos for a wedding/work
2. Dubai for a brief holiday
3. I exhibited at The African Mini Market in Spitalfields  in London over the May bank holiday weekend, look out for the next one on Monday 26th August
4.Orlando for a Church conference, then Miami
5.Boston to visit family/work
6. New York/New Jersey for work
7. NBA Finals Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs, Game 6, makes it easier to watch when you are stateside

You would think I would have hundreds of pictures from all the destinations listed, but 90% of those trips were for work.

Looking forward to...

1. Traveling to more states around the U.S.
2. More Blogging
3. Game 7, NBA Finals
4. Sleeping in my own bed
5. Working from my own office


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  3. I LOVE this HAIRSTYLE! I'd like to feature it on our Blog

    1. Hi *waves* we love your site, please go ahead and share our work we are honoured, be sure to mention us, we are a go to site for hair inspiration. We are also in instagram and twitter @hairmillionaire.